• The challenges facing family-owned businesses in Southern Africa and the blurry lines within family-owned businesses
  • The lack of organisational structure and its challenges
  • Observing the challenges of governance or lack thereof
  • How family conflict affects the business structure
  • The impact of generational conflict


  • Achieve family-owned business success
  • Preserve wealth
  • Implement solutions on governance
  • Manage conflict in the family firms

Learning Outcomes:

  • The preservation of wealth
  • Mediocrity to Excellence
  • To be or not to be, will be the change effect


Professor Marius Ungerer

Professor Marius Ungerer

Honours degree in Industrial Psychology (USB), MCom and DCom (RAU), MBA (NWU), Management Service Advisor, Systems Thinking Coach, certified CSAP

Ahmed Seedat

Ahmed Seedat

MBA, CM, CMDP, founder of Vector Consulting

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