Our Services

Vector Consulting offers a comprehensive range of services tailored to the needs of family-owned businesses, individuals with generational wealth, and aspiring entrepreneurs. Our services include:

Generational Wealth Management

Our team works closely with individuals and families to develop customised wealth management strategies. We assist in preserving and growing generational wealth through investment optimisation, risk management, estate planning, philanthropic initiatives, and intergenerational wealth transfer.

Data Analytics and Insights

Leveraging advanced analytics and technology, we help businesses harness the power of data to drive informed decision-making. Our services include data analysis, predictive modelling, customer segmentation, performance tracking, market analysis, and data-driven strategies that enhance operational efficiency and profitability.

Strategic Planning and Execution

We assist businesses in formulating strategic plans that align with their long-term goals. Our consultants work closely with clients to develop actionable strategies, implement performance measurement frameworks, and provide guidance on effective execution to drive growth and achieve desired outcomes.

Entrepreneurial Mentorships

Our mentorship programmes connect aspiring entrepreneurs with experienced professionals and successful entrepreneurs. Through personalised mentorship, we provide guidance, support, and industry insights to help entrepreneurs navigate challenges, refine business models, and accelerate their growth trajectory.

Business Transformation and Innovation 

We assist businesses in transforming and adapting to changing market dynamics. Our consultants help identify opportunities for innovation, optimise business processes, implement new technologies, and develop agile strategies to stay ahead of the competition and thrive in the digital era.

Succession Planning

We offer comprehensive succession planning services to ensure a smooth transition of leadership and ownership within family-owned businesses. Our consultants help define succession goals, identify and develop future leaders, establish governance structures, and implement effective succession strategies.

Financial Management and Risk Assessment

Our consultancy provides financial management services, including financial analysis, cash flow management, risk assessment, and financial modelling. We help businesses optimise your financial resources, mitigate risks, and make sound financial decisions.

Leadership Development and Training

We offer leadership development programmes that empower individuals with the skills and knowledge necessary to lead effectively. Our training initiatives cover areas such as strategic leadership, communication, team building, and organisational development.

Industry-Specific Consultancy

We provide industry-specific consultancy services tailored to the unique needs of various sectors. Our consultants possess deep industry knowledge and expertise, allowing us to deliver specialised insights and strategies to businesses operating in specific markets.

At Vector Consulting, our services are designed to provide comprehensive support and guidance, enabling our clients to overcome challenges, make informed decisions, drive growth, and achieve long-term success.


  • Private Family Forums
  • Leadership Development
  • Private 1:1 Mentoring


  • Family Tech products
  • Digital B2B Solutions
  • Disruptive Innovations


  • Family Wealth
  • Family Fund Structure
  • Family Office

How do we add value?

We help business owners to preserve their wealth

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Industries we have worked in

We add value to business owners to assist in increasing their business profits.


  • Hot beverages
  • Grain packaging
  • Dairy
  • Water


  • Tea
  • Coffee
  • Eucalyptus
  • Wattle


  • Furniture
  • Flexible packaging
  • Food Processing
  • Textiles – Spinning, Weaving, Dyeing & Ready made
  • PVC Resin


  • Transportation & Logistics
  • Petro chemical storage


  • Accounting
  • Auditing
  • Insurance
  • Shipping
  • Marketing

Training and Development

  • CEO
  • Shareholders